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TV & sitcom DVDs - Peep Show - The Original UK Series

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David Mitchell, Robert Webb,
Olivia Colman, Elizabeth Marmur
Directed by Jeremy Wooding
6 Episodes
BBC America
Warner Home Video

Peep Show The Original UK Series is the six episodes of season one of this two-season British situation comedy.

Seems the Brits do not like their shows to run too long both in terms of a season and in how long the last. The six shows on this DVD aired from September to October 2003.

Peep Show is the story of two thirty-somethings, Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy Osborne (Robert Webb) who share a flat in a London high-rise. Mark is the nebbish worker ant with a fixation on co-worker Sophie and Jeremy is the slacker musician who sponges off Mark's goodwill and has the hots for neighbour upstairs Toni. The original spin put on this series is you get Mark and Jeremy's interior monologue as they go through their daily lives. Jeremy sounds exactly like Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and this is definitely weird considering he is definitely only famous in his own mind.

This is a fun little sitcom in the true sense of situation comedy. Not much happens in many of the episodes except that Mark and Jeremy get into trouble with their friends and so get thrown out of parties and get into awkward situations. There are a couple of rather crude scenes, such as when you see Jeremy urinating and missing the bowl and Jeremy's sexual encounter with Toni while her boyfriend is packing his stuff in the next room.

The show also has some very broad farce moments in this show. Episode 3 features straight laced Mark getting stoned, meeting a cute punk girl who tries to asphyxiate him during intercourse, and going to a bowling alley where he uses the groceries he brought to the party to bowl.

This is a fun little show for adults. It is a little more American viewer friendly than other British comedy shows and most people should enjoy this DVD.

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