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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Real Ghostbusters - Spooky Spirits

Real Ghostbusters dvd cover
Spooky Spirits
Voices by Arsenio Hall, Lorenzo Music. Louise Summer
Maurice La Marche, Frank Welker
4 Episodes
Sony Home Entertainment 2006
90 minutes

The Real Ghostbusters was one of the rare successful cartoon spin-offs of a famous movie, in this case the Bill Murray, Ghostbusters. This Saturday morning cartoon lasted 5 years, though it was renamed Slimer And The Real Ghostbusters (with all the marketing bonanza that created) two years into its run, was a hit with the kiddies unless they were very young or impressionable. Anyone who enjoyed or enjoys the Scooby-Doo cartoon will have great fun with The Real Ghostbusters.

The first season featured the voice of Lorenzo Music (of Carlton the doorman and Garfield fame) as Doctor Peter Venkman. Arsenio

The Real Ghostbusters was animated in Japan will all of the pros and cons that implies. Unfortunately, the print used for this cartoon DVD is a bit faded and dusty and does show a bit of wear and tear. If you expected DVD quality here, you will not be thrilled as it sometimes looks as good as a new VHS tape but usually shows its age, especially in the third episode on this cartoon DVD, Drool, The Dogfaced Goblin, where the colors are very uneven and washed out.

The first episode of The Real Ghostbusters, Spooky Spirits, is by far the best looking and most interesting of the bunch. Here, the guys compete for a Ghostbuster of the year contest and must capture the ghost of Charles Foster Hearst, grandfather of newspaper magnate Hearst the Third. Any resemblance to Citizen Kane is totally wanted, from the surname Charles Foster to the real name of the tycoon that inspired Orson Welles' classic movie, and from all the junk at Hearst manor to the quest the ghost is on to find Rosebud.

The Revenge of Murray The Mantis has the Real Ghostbusters, assisted by Slimer, fight a spirit that took over a Thanksgiving Day Parade float. They get an assist from Stay Puft, the giant marshmallow guy. There is a lot of Godzilla vs. Megalon and other monster movie stuff in this particular episode. The episode is fun to watch but the print is a little washed out.

The weakest episode on The Real Ghostbusters, Spooky Spirits, is Drool, The Dogfaced Goblin where the ‘busters go to a sideshow to capture a goblin but encounter a former and much more powerful enemy. Everything you hate about low-budget Japanese animation is present here and the print is particularly uneven in its colours. Story wise, this episode is also for the dogs (or dogfaced).

Mr. Sandman, also featuring Slimer, closes Spooky Spirits and is a really good episode. The Sandman is out to put everyone to sleep to being peace to the world. People's dreams come alive, which is especially funny, and even the Real Ghostbusters get caught and fall asleep.

The Real Ghostbusters, Spooky Spirits is uneven both in episode and picture quality but overall good fun.

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