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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Real Ghostbusters - Creatures Of The Night

BUY The Real Ghostbusters Creatures Of The Night (dvd cover)
Creatures Of The NIght
Voices by Arsenio Hall, Lorenzo Music. Louise Summer
Maurice La Marche, Frank Welker
4 Episodes
Sony Home Entertainment 2006
90 minutes

If there's something weird in your neighborhood
Who you gonna call?
If there's something strange and it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

The Real Ghostbusters Creatures Of The Night is a new DVD release from Sony. Let's start with the basics for animation fans who might be confused. The Real Ghostbusters is not even vaguely related to the original CBS cartoon series The Ghost Busters (featuring Forrest Tucker). The Real Ghostbusters was a spin off from the Bill Murray smash hit comedy Ghostbusters. The movie translates well as a Saturday morning cartoon and the Sony release of the series in DVD format is a boon to fans of the show.

There is nothing remarkable about The Real Ghostbusters DVD's. Creatures Of The Night is a nice collection of disparate episodes from season 2 of the series with a "bonus" episode from season 1. "Bonus" is in quotations because the three DVDs of The Real Ghostbusters release so far all have 4 episodes. The Real Ghostbusters was a surprisingly long lived cartoon series with each episode progressing along a similar story arc: Ghostbusters are summoned, have trouble with the ghost or haunting at hand and finally solve the problem. It may sound simple but making it work for 140 episodes takes some doing.

Creatures Of The Night does contain of one of the best ever Real Ghostbusters episodes: Night Game which is an odd mixture of metaphysical speculation and America's favourite game. The remaining three episodes Lost and , Bird of Kildarby and Killerwatt are all solid Ghostbusters fare that will satisfy fans of the series jonesing for a taste of the show but leave fans of animation a little flat. These cartoons have clearly not been remastered for distribution. The quality is VCD at best with some of the colours a little washed but the sound has held up well.

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