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Comedy Movies - 13 Going On 30 - Fun And Flirty Edition


13 Going On 30
Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Judy Greer
Directed by Gary Winick
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
This edition 2006
98 minutes

13 Going On 30 is the wonderful story of Jenna Rink, a young girl on the edge of adolescence, who is desperate to be popular. At her ill-fated thirteenth birthday party, she receives a magical gift from Matt, her somewhat geeky best friend. The next morning, Jenna's birthday wish has come true, and she is 30, flirty, and thriving.

Jennifer Garner stars as the grown up Jenna Rink, and gives a fantastic and believable performance. She really encompasses the innocent attitude of a 13 year old, and expresses it very well. From the morning that she wakes up not knowing what is going on until the moment the pieces of the puzzle all fit, Garner convincingly conveys the attitudes of a thirteen-year-old on fashion, music, and even sex.

Fans of Mark Ruffalo will appreciate his performance as a grown up Matt. He lets us see the wounded person that was left behind by his best friend, and really suits the part.

The costumes and music in 13 Going On 30 also bear mentioning, as they are wonderful. Garner's outfits would make girls of any age covetous, and boys of any age appreciate her figure. The music is a ‘blast from the past', and the "Thriller" dance scene is a definite highlight.

Over all this is a wonderful romantic comedy, with Garner and Ruffalo providing some believable chemistry on screen. The story gets a little moralistic at one point, however taking in to consideration everything else that this movie delivers this is easy to overlook.

The special features of the 13 Going On 30 Fun And Flirty Edition DVD are fun. Some of these include an alternate beginning and ending which makes us ask a few more questions, a blooper reel, deleted scenes, and 80's Teen Fashion Flashback which will definitely make a few moms embarassed. The clamshell is girly pink and smells of bubble-gum

Carolyn Genge

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