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Stand-up DVD - Russell Peters - Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters

Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters
Two Concerts ? One Ticket
Show Me The Funny 47 minutes
Comedy Now! 47 Minutes
VSC 2006

The Disclaimer:

"Neither Russell Peters nor his management endorse this DVD in any way. The deal that was offered to Russell for his participation on this DVD by the producers - IE, promotion and endorsement - was an embarrassment to both them and to Russell.

The packaging of this product is atrocious. Had we been involved, we would never have allowed anyone to package something so amateurishly with Russell's name on it. It looks like the packaging was designed by a child with its first computer.

Russell's new OFFICIAL live DVD - Russell Peters: Outsourced - will be released by Warner Bros. Records in July or August of this year(2006, ed.). This new DVD was recorded in San Francisco in January and contains all new material which will also be broadcast on Comedy Central in the United States. " Clayton Peters, CPI Management Services

The Review:

Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters Two Concerts One Ticket features two performances by this excellent and Canadian stand-up comic that aired on the Comedy Network (Canada's Comedy Central). Another good title for this stand-up comedy DVD would have been It's about time, Russell. Fortunately, the wait has been worth it. Anybody who has seen Russell Peters at the Just For Laughs comedy festival or in a club knows this guy is the real deal and a pretty clean and deceptively edgy comic.

The title track of this stand-up comedy DVD, Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters, is his 2004 show as seen on the Comedy Network. This is the better of the two shows on this DVD, not only because Peters has 7 more years experience and does a slightly more varied set but also because this show ends with his classic and audience favorite bit Somebody's Gonna Get A Hurt Real Bad. This stand-up comic focuses a lot of his material on ethnic and racial differences and hides a solid punch behind some very good jokes. At lot of his humour is at the expense of the Indian community and Russell uses that to segue into more edgy comedy. He even takes on white folk in his Comedy Now! set and his bit on the Canadian accent and white people swearing is absolutely hilarious. His African names and South Africa material is also quite good. Oh, what the hell, the whole show is great.

Show Me The Funny, the first Russell Peters show on this stand-up comedy DVD, dates back to 1997 and is, comparatively speaking only, a little weaker (to be fair, seven more years on stage should and does show). Taken on its own, Show Me The Funny is a good stand-up comedy show. What you will notice if you watch the later show first is that Peter's does not segue his material much in this first show and has a much more hodge-podge approach. The cool thing about this particular show is Peters is not a topical comic so his observational and slightly autobiographical comedy has not aged at all: the jokes still work. Russell Peters fan will also notice that his material, usually aimed at breaking stereotypes and so on, is not as subtle and his punch is more telegraphed. The last track on Show Me The Funny is the longest and contains a variety of short bits on different topics; a versatile demonstration but a bit messy.

Quality wise, both these shows were produced for television so the sound and picture quality is there. The tape origins do not show at all, something that does happen sometimes on other stand-up comedy DVDs

Anybody who likes good stand-up comedy will most certainly enjoy this two-show stand-up comedy DVD. Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters . . .Two Concerts, One Ticket is solid stand-up comedy that will not age.

Track list:

Show Me The Funny

1- Brown Folks, Indian Movies, Cell Phone, The Accent
2- The Accent, Pakistan, Hand Sign Language, Black and Brown, Dumb Neighbor,
Making Fun Of Us, Breaking Stereotypes
3- Real Name, Chinese, Black Guys, Indians, Cigars, Uncle's Accent, Halloween,
Too Sensitive
4- Various Short Bits

Comedy Now! Starring Russell Peters

1- Gay Pride, Same-sex and Arranged Marriage, Marriage, South Africa, Indian Athletes
2- Cheap, Chinese vs. Indian, Jamaicans
3- African Names, Italy, Audience Riff, Hong Kong Comic
4- Indian Accent, Canadian Accent, White People Swearing, Beige
Mising Races, Redneck Dad
5- Immigrant Families, Beat Your Child, Somebody's Gonna Get A Hurt

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