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Comedy Movies - All Of Me - Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin


All Of Me
Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin
Directed by Carl Reiner
Lion's Gate

All of Me is a brilliant and very funny comedy starring Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. All of Me, the DVD, is yet another example of the studios treating the customer like garbage.

The sleeve for All of Me clearly states there are special features such as a trailer (well, not such a special feature), cast and crew information (a picture of Steve Marti or Lily Tomlin and a list of the movies he/she made-we're talking about expensive production values here, folks), and subtitles.

Lion's Gate is too cheap to include such so-called special features on the DVD they put in the box. There are no subtitles, there is no theatrical trailer, there is no cast and crew information. Worse, the movie they put on the DVD is barely VHS quality. Nobody at Lion's Gate bothered remastering this thing since it was first put on the shelves so you get a grainy, dark, and very very green-hued barely decent print.

Someone should contact the better business bureau and denounce Lion's Gate Films.

The movie itself is a brilliant comedy. All of Me is the story of an unfulfilled lawyer, Steve Martin, who ends up sharing his body with Lily Tomlin after some kind of mix up in soul transmission. Steve Martin is at his best when he does serious slapstick and he gets to do plenty of this in this movie. Lily Tomlin ends up being a voice-over as her spirit is in Steve Martin's head. Not an easy thing to do but Lily Tomlin if very funny and effective in this funny comedy role.

You could, of course, find some kind of social commentary on the roles of the sexes, destiny, or other very philosophical stuff when watching All of Me but in the end, this movie is a very funny comedy with two very funny actors, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin. But my advice if you want to watch this great comedy is tape it off the TV, the picture quality will be better.

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