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Comedy Movies - The Archies in Jugman

tHE Archies in Jugman
Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper,
Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge
74 minutes

Fans of Archie comics will enjoy this full-length animated version of the adventures of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, and Jughead. The animation itself although not superb is very good, better than your average Saturday cartoon quality. The Archies in Jugman is a cartoon comedy about Jugman, Jughead's caveman ancestor who, through a series of bizarre incidents, comes back to life in modern-age Riverdale. The voice characterizations are perfect, right down to a funny voice for Moose and Midge.

There are quite a few funny jokes about how Jugman tries to survive in a modern world first by living in a Riverdale park and then on the grounds of Lodge Mansion. Archie, Betty, Veronica and the gang have to try to find a way to get Jugman adapted to his own environment without letting scheming Reggie get his hands on him.

There is not much more plot to this funny cartoon aside from a wooly mammoth making an appearance as Jugman's pet, a cavewoman version of Betty coming from the past to claim her Jugman and a bizarre ending with cavewoman Veronica unthawing and doing a Tarzan yell at the end of the movie. Not much resolution in The Archies in Jugman but what did you expect from an Archie cartoon, resolution? These people never, ever graduated high school and still hang around at the Chock'Lit Shoppe.

Still, The Archies in Jugman is a fun little funny cartoon that will please the kids and those of us who still have fond memories of Archie comics. The extras on this dvd are less than satisfying. The best one is Inspector Gadget explaining in the so-called blooper reel, the importance of putting the right sound to the right scene and the right voice to the right character

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