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Comedy Movies - The Bad News Bears - Billy Bob Thornton


The Bad News Bears
Billy Bob Thornton, Marcia Gay Harden, Greg Kinnear
Paramount Home Video 2005
113 minutes

The Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton and Marcia Gay Harden is basically the scene for scene remake of 1976 original sports comedy The Bad News Bears with the late great Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal as the tomboy pitcher.

The only difference is that in the Billy Bob Thornton version the team is sponsored by a stripper's club instead of a bail bonds operation. So, why remake a very good little comedy movie? Why not? People who forget movie history are condemned to repeat it. People who have not seen the original, and those who have, will enjoy this comedy movie DVD

The 2005 version of The Bad News Bears features a few modern touches. The Bears are banded together after one of the kids' mothers gets an injunction to force the league into accepting the kids who were not picked by other teams. The girl who plays the Tatum O'Neal role is much more of a woman than in the original. There is more adult humour in this new version with trips to Hooters and so on.

Another major difference in The Bad News Bears 2005 with Billy Bob Thornton is the politically correct stuff like the kid in the wheelchair who is on the team and so on and so on.

Otherwise, it is the same nice little sports comedy that is very predictable in almost every way. It is not as successful as the original perhaps because so many movies like it have been made since, Greg Kinnear sleepwalks through his role, and Marcia Gay Harden's character is not that relevant. The modern touches, such as the kid who has to fit baseball into his schedule because he is doing so many other things after school, do not quite make you forget this is basically a remake.

If you have not seen the original, The Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton is a decent little funny sports comedy movie DVD but definitely PG 13

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