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Comedy Movies - Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Collection


Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Collection
Keanu Reeves, George Carlin, Alex Winter
MGM Home Video
3 DVD set

Bill & Ted's Most Excellent Collection is definitely a gnarly release featuring Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey, and a third Dvd full of cool extras. Any fan of funny movies will definitely enjoy watching the historical adventures of the two dudes from San Dimas, California.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, the first movie, and a comedic classic, features a trip through time courtesy of a Doctor Who style phone book. The premise is simple: people in the future send Rufus (George Carlin) to San Dimas to give Bill and Ted the tools to do their final history project. This is extremely important as the fate of the world as we will know it depends on the success of their band, the Wild Stallyns.

The two buddies end up traveling through time picking up So Crates, Beeth Oven, Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as two bodacious medieval babes. This is a most original comedy, was a smash hit at the time, and deserves to be rediscovered for those who saw it back then and now have kids.

Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the second Bill & Ted movie, is, being a follow-up, not as highly original as the first but at least the writers, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon (who have a cameo in the first movie as two ice-cream waiters and as two of the people at the séance that sends the duo to hell in the second), decided not to simply copy the formula of their first success and changed quite a few things around.

This time, a megalomaniac from the future sends two evil robot clones of the Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter characters to make sure their band does not win the battle of the bands and change the world for the better. This features a trip to hell, a game of Battleship, Clue, and Twister with the Grim Reaper (brilliantly portrayed by William Sadler), a trip to heaven, and a fight between the evil usses and the good usses.

The third Dvd in this most excellent box set is packed with goodies. The making of is kind of cool but much superior and interesting is the conversation between the two writers on as they got the idea for the movie and the movie itself together. There is a very funny but weird Hysterical Personages bio section of the many famous people who appear in the movie, and interview with Steve Vai (which is so-so). The weirdest bonus is the air guitar lessons from two air guitar champions -yes, there is such a thing as air guitar championships. The best extra is the premiere episode of the cartoon series featuring the voices of Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, and a guy who almost but not quite sounds like Carlin.

This is a most excellent box set.

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