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Comedy Movies - Buffalo 66

BUY Buffalo 66 (dvd cover)
Christina Ricci, Vincent Gallo,
Ben Gazzara, Anjelica Huston
Directed by Vincent Gallo
Lion?s Gate 1998
96 minutes

Buffalo 66 is even less rewarding an experience than being a Buffalo Bills fan is. This is definitely the kind of dark comedy that elicits a response (one of them being Christina Ricci sure is as talented as endowed!) and probably not a good one.

Writer / director / star Vincent Gallo (The Brown Bunny) plays Billy Brown, a loser who just got released from prison with an urge to pee and a desire to go home and impress his family. Unfortunately, Billy's mother, played by Anjelica Huston, insists on meeting her son's missus from his fictitious marriage and fake life so he kidnaps himself a cute broad to play the role.

If you are going to go along with Buffalo 66 you immediately have to accept that Layla, the broad, Christina Ricci, although she has many a chance to escape her captor, especially when he crosses the road to finally empty his bladder leaving her behind the wheel of her own car or when he leaves her alone with his mother or father, has no desire to escape her rude, crude, foul-mouthed, crazy captor. Not only that but you also have to accept Layla is willing to spend the day saying how extraordinary and great Billy is and, after stating she is a vegetarian, eat tripe for supper.

If you can accept these huge leaps of willing suspension of disbelief, you can buy (well, hopefully you rented it) the rest of the movie. Intelligent people will have given up by then.

Billy Brown (Gallo) may be dysfunctional but it comes honestly. His parents are absolute Buffalo Bills nuts, his mother doesn't really remember his name, she insists on offering him chocolate donuts when he had a severe allergy as a child, an allergy she denies, while his father barely acknowledges his presence. This is fun for a while but there are only so many dysfunctional family shouting matches most viewers can stand before they get bored with a movie. Weird people will give up on Buffalo 66 now, a third of the way into the movie.

The problem with Buffalo 66 is that the movie is about Billy Brown. All Billy Brown all the Billy Brown time. Unfortunately, he is not as interesting a character as Layla, (Christina Ricci) who, for some reason decides to stay with this creepy loser even after he tells her she can now leave and the kidnapping is over. By now you have seen a couple of cameo appearances by Mickey Rourke and Roseanna Arquette. People who are codependents will give up on the movie now.

Billy then decides to go kill a Buffalo Bills player, does, shoots himself, his parents watch the Bills' game at his grave and then he decides not to kill the player, not shoot himself, and goes back to the hotel room and Christina Ricci. Anybody left still watching the film will turn the gas on and put their head in the oven. No need to write a suicide note: just leave the Buffalo 66 DVD in plain sight. The cops will understand.

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