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Comedy Movies - Corpse Bride


Corpse Bride
Voices of Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter,
Emily Watson, Tracey Ullman, Albert Finney, Christopher Lee
Directed by Tim Burton and Mike Johnson
Music by Danny Elfman
Warner Brothers 2006
77 minutes

Corpse Bride is absolutely cool. This gothic comedy is stop-motion animation that is so well done you never feel or see the stop-motion while the animation is simply stunning. It is the kind of animation comedy that will simply take your breath away (well, it is about a dead bride) while your eyes will keep wanting to pop out of you head to take in all the stunning colours and details.

There are even a few musical numbers that put to shame some of the best Hollywood classic musicals. Corpse Bride is the Godiva chocolates of eye candy. It also asks the eternal question Can a heart still break after it has stopped beating?

Victor Van Dort (voice of Johnny Depp) is entering in an arranged marriage with Victoria Everglot (Emily Watson) The Van Dorts wants some social status while the formerly wealthy Everglots want to escape the poor house through this union. Victor, like any normal guy, blows his lines at the wedding rehearsal and sets fire to his future mother-in-law. He runs away from the church, ends up in a creepy forest where he practices his lines because he has, after all, fallen in love with Victoria. Victor slips the wedding ring on a weird-looking branch that turns out to be the hand of the Corpse Bride.

Now wed to the skinniest chick you'll ever meet, he ends up in the really cool and alive underground world of the dead. The corpse bride is in love with Victor, Victor is in love with Victoria, and Victoria is scheduled to marry Barkis Bittern, a rich fop. It gets a little complicated after that but Tim Burton (James and The Giant Peach and A Nightmare Before Christmas) and Mike Johnson manage to keep the various plots rolling along very nicely so you just have to sit back and relax and let the story tell itself.

Fans of literature will recognize tips of the hat to Dickens and Shakespeare here and there in Corpse Bride. There are many comedic moments, very funny lines (I've got a dwarf and I'm not afraid to use him!", some great supporting characters like the Maggot, a few running gags like the one involving the bell-shaped town crier, a couple three really cool musical numbers, and lots and lots of other stuff that will make you want to watch Corpse Bride over and over again.

Corpse Bride is not only a keeper but also one of the DVDs that stays right next to the DVD player

Extra features include Inside the Two Worlds, Danny Elfman Interprets the Two Words, The Animators: The Breath of Life, Tim Burton: Dark vs. Light, Voices From The Underground, Making Puppets Tick, The Voices Behind The Voice, The Corpse Bride Preproduction Galleries, Theatrical Trailer, Music-only track (the entire movie without the sfx and voices)

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