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Comedy Movies - Crazy People - Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah


Crazy People
Dudley Moore, Darryl Hannah
Universal 1990
91 minutes
PG for language, very brief nudity, sexual innuendo

In an age where movies are basically infotainment that serve to shill whatever products paid enough to get placement in the movie and the movie itself is an afterthought, Crazy People, released in 1990's is a funny breath of fresh air.

Crazy People is a very funny movie and a very funny comedy (how many comedies have you seen lately that were really funny and not just a long potty joke with the semblance of a plot?) Starring Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah, this movie takes a very caustic look at the world of advertising and a very kind look at the world of the "special people" in society.

Emery Leeson, played by Dudley Moore, is a writer for an ad agency and he suffers a breakdown after he realizes he is no longer able to lie, ergo write ads. His company sends him to an asylum where he quickly befriends the inmates, especially Darryl Hannah. Through a series of circumstances, the brutally honest ads Dudley Moore wrote before his breakdown, such as "Volvo: boxy but safe" become a hit.

His company wants to pursue that line but is unable to. This gives a very funny quote: "We can't level, you crazy bastard. We're in advertising!" Dudley Moore gets the crazy people to write ads, the ads are successful, the crazy people find a purpose and so are cured.

Some people might object to the language in Crazy People, especially the use of the "F WORD" but as a social document and, most important as a funny comedy, Crazy People works on many level. The question in the end is who are the crazy people? The people in the asylum or the rest of society?

Richard Lanoie

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