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Comedy Movies - Crime Spree


Crime Spree
Harvey Keitel, Gerard Depardieu, Abe Vigoda, Johnny Hallyday
Directed by Brad Mirman
Alliance Atlantis 2003
100 Minutes
Crime Spree is a wiseguy comedy of sorts. It is also a bit of a mess. Let's put it this way, this is a movie financed by Canada and the United Kingdom about 5 French crooks who go to Chicago, USA to rob a house. Writer and director Brad Mirman, not known for anything, almost has a decent movie on his hands but fumbles most of it.

Basically, Johnny Hallyday, the sort of French Elvis, Gerard Depardieu, French singer Renaud and a couple three other French actors who all speak wiz a theek French azzent get the Mafia, the FBI, the Chicago Police Department, and a local Latino gang after them after they rob a mafia underboss' home.

There are a couple of funny scenes in Crime Spree, mostly having to do with bait and switch, but otherwise it is too long. There is also really nice scene shot from an overhead cam of the bad guys blasting their way from hotel room communicating door to communicating door to escape Harvey Keitel's gang. An inside joke is at the beginning of the flick when Renaud and Johnny Hallyday switch radio stations back and forth because they are playing their song, literally.

It is still a mystery what Harvey Keitel, the mafia underboss, is doing in this almost funny but doesn't quite know what it wants to be film. The money must have been good or something. Abe Vigoda plays the Chicago crime boss and it is always a pleasure to see Fish, of Barney Miller fame, in anything.

What is hard to understand is how Alliance Atlantis can list as "Special Features" such wonders of generosity as the trailer and, get this, scene selection. I mean, they must have really broken the bank to offer viewers scene selection.

True, there are also deleted scenes, but I am still impressed with scene selection being called a special feature. It is surprising they didn't claim the DVD comes with a special black clamshell storage case.

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