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Comedy Movies - Dead Pet


Dead Pet
Kevin Cotteleer, Gina Doctor, Jeremy Moller
Directed by Kevin Coteeler
kaBOOM! 2001

The tag to this independent comedy is "a biting comedy". It would have been much more accurate to say a comedy that bites. Dead Pet has every single thing people hate about independent movies: bad camera work, overacting -although to be more honest overspeaking is more accurate as you cannot accuse anyone on this film of acting--, an absolutely inane plot -again, plot is a generous word here- cheap sets, and bad writing.

The only good piece of writing in Dead Pet is by the guy who did the box art for this dreadful supposed to be comedy. Jake Thompson (played by writer / director Kevin Cotteleer) is a Harvard student who comes home to find out his college fund was spent on an expensive operation for the family dog. He overacts a lot in a badly staged confrontation with his as inept on screen parents and finds a job in a boiler room selling knives. Then, there's a whole bunch of stuff that does not make any sense.

He meets a girl at a convenience store and falls in love. There's more stuff that does not make sense. He gets arrested a few times for various reasons. A scene that is irrelevant follows a scene that has nothing to do with the movie. He falls in love with another girl. I didn't get the next scene. Stuff happens and, thankfully, the movie ends.

Do not let the cover art for Dead Pet influence you. Yes, there is a girl with a whip in the movie but it lasts only fifteen seconds and has nothing to do with the story, if there is one, Dead Pet is trying to tell.

Dead Pet feels like somebody gave Kevin Cotteleer a movie camera for Christmas and he got his friends together for some improv. He then took the scenes and spliced them together in a semblance of a plot.

Dead Pet is simply dreadful and the DVD does not even make for a good Frisbee

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