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Comedy Movies - Diary Of A Mad Black Woman


Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Tyler Perry, Kimberley Elise, Steve Harris
Written by Tyler Perry
Directed by Darren Grant
Lions Gate Home Entertainment 2005

It is hard to tell if Diary of a Mad Black Woman is a faith-based movie, a comedy, or a drama. It is all three and this may annoy some because it starts out like a relationship movie, becomes Big Momma's House and The Nutty Professor, finishes with a scene out of An Officer and a Gentleman, has a tad wee bit of Misery thrown in, and definitely preaches at you.

Writer Tyler Perry, who has made a name for himself on the stage with various plays featuring the characters in this movie such as Madea, plays a few roles in this story about a woman whose husband dumps her, gets her revenge, accepts the will of God (and we all know He and his followers are not subtle), and gets the good guy in the end.

As comedies go this is a wash, as dramas go it's okay, but the whole, although too long, is quite watchable, once. What makes it interesting is it does not sugarcoat anything. This is a realistic look at people trying to overcome obstacles with some very good writing thrown in.

It is unfortunate that someone, Perry, director Darren Grant, or the studio moneymen could not figure out what movie they wanted to make. My guess? It should have been the dark drama it almost could have been.

A funny movie could also have been made with the characters, even if comparisons to Big Momma's House and the like would have been made.

Still, if you liked this movie, the filmed versions of the plays are also available on DVD at a church-going retailer near you.

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