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Comedy Movies - Down To Earth - Chris Rock


Down To Earth
Chris Rock, Chazz Palminteri,
Eugene Levy, and a cast of nobodies
Paramount 2001
87 minutes

What do you get when you cross the remake of a remake (Warren Beatty's Heaven Can Wait) with a funny comedy like All of Me (Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin) and a so-so comedy movie like The Associate (Whoopi Goldberg)? You get a so-so not so funny movie that feels like a remake. Down to Earth is the story of a guy who dies and is reincarnated as another guy. Down to Earth is the story of a funny stand up comic (Chris Rock) who dies in this movie when playing another guy, rich white man Charles Wellington.

There are only 2 funny jokes in this movie both told when Chris Rock plays a struggling stand up comic named Lance Burton: "When I was a kid, we were so poor... that the roaches was on welfare." and  "If you're good looking, you're gonna succeed through life. If you're ugly, you better pick up a book. Boy, you better pick up two books, and a computer while you're at it!"

At 87 minutes, Down to Earth is mercifully short. It should have been a hint to the producers that the best they could do with this story and material was an 87-minute movie (counting intro credits and closing credits). Chris Rock is believable as a black struggling comic -not much of a stretch, he was one once-but not so believable as a rich old white fart. Down to Earth is also the same-o same-o boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy wants girl back.

Fans of Chris Rock will quickly notice that some of the funny jokes in this movie, all told by stand up comic Lance Burton, are from Chris Rock's first comedy CD.

Down to Earth is not an awful movie, it is watchable. It is just another very ordinary ho-hum not that good and oh well movie. Not even a decent second pick at the video store on movie night

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