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Comedy Movies - Ella Enchanted

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Ella Enchanted
Anne Hathaway, Hugh Darcy
Miramax 2004

The new crown princess of the romantic comedy is Anne Hathaway, and Anne Hathaway is the enchanting heroine of Ella Enchanted. Ella lives in a magical world where all children have a fairy Godmother who gives them a gift when they are born. In Ella's case the gift is that of obedience - Ella must do everything she is told to do. What may sound like a parents dream is the launching point for this charming movie.

Ella Enchanted is not a great movie, but it is charming, frequently funny and filled with sight gags that make it irresistible. If you grew up watching Jay Ward's Fractured Fairy Tales then Ella Enchanted will appeal to you. From the independent thinking and acting Ella - she has a knack for interpreting what she MUST do - to the rather dull witted but sincere Hugh Dancy as Prince Char (short for charming) the cast carries off this simple and disjointed story with smooth ease.

The laugh level in this movie isn't that high, but parents will smile frequently and some good guffaws will emerge from the children. It is a wonderful family comedy and a nice preteen or early teen romantic comedy

Denis Bernicky

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