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Comedy Movies - Elvis Has Left The Building - Kim Basinger


Elvis Has Left The Building
Kim Basinger, John Corbett
Directed by Joel Zwick
Lions Gate Home Video 2005
90 minutes

"Elvis Presley died in August 1977. At the time of his death there were 3 known Elvis impersonators. Today there are over 50,000. If that figure continues to grow at its present rate, by the year 2012 one out of four people on the planet will be an Elvis impersonator. In the face of this potential threat to world sanity a miracle occurred and her name was Harmony Jones." is how Elvis Has Left The Building, a great little comedy begins.

Harmony, Kim Basinger, goes around accidentally killing or hurting Elvis impersonators. All that is fine and good until one day she ends up in Vegas at the same time as an Elvis convention where there are more Elvises (Elvi?) than you can shake your hips at.

Elvis Has Left The Building is a riotously funny, somewhat dark comedy DVD that is a must see even if you do not like anything Presley.

Everything works in this fun little movie. Kim Basinger is great at comedy, something anyone who has seen My Stepmother Is An Alien knows, and she is great as Harmony Jones, a Pink Lady cosmetics saleslady whose life has always been touched by one Presley song or another ever since the King himself gave her a ride home and told her maybe some day she could do something nice for him.

Part of the fun in Elvis Has Left The Building is in how the Elvises die. There is also quite a few spot the cameo moments involving Tom Hanks, Pat Morita, and, this being set in Las Vegas, Wayne Newton.

What holds the film together is that it is in fact a romantic comedy as Harmony Jones falls in love with Miles Taylor (John Corbett of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame), an advertising executive who has also developed the ability to wipe out Presley impersonators.

This is a great movie that never takes itself seriously yet shows great care and attention to the writing, the directing, and every little detail needed to make a good comedy work, something director Joel Zwick proved he could do with My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This is a really cool little comedy.

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