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Comedy Movies - First Daughter - Michael Keaton and Katie Holmes


First Daughter
Katie Holmes, Amerie, Marc Blucas, Michael Keaton
Directed by Forest Whitaker
Fox Home Entertainment 2004
115 minutes

If a movie can make you forget you are flying Air Canada in the so-called hospitality section (hospitality because the food will send you to the hospital) for a couple of hours, it definitely has something going for it. First Daughter is a fun family comedy DVD aimed at teenage girls but anyone can enjoy this simple, somewhat predictable, very enjoyable comedy.

Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek) plays Samantha McKenzie, daughter of the President of the United States (a solid performance by Michael Keaton who doesn't play a weirdo for a change and would be right at home in The West Wing).

Samantha is leaving home for college but being first daughter has many disadvantages such as a secret service squadron around her 24 hours a day, standing out like a sore thumb everywhere she goes, too much attention from the media (including guest appearances by Jay Leno and Joan face-lifts Rivers), and jealousy from a lot of her classmates. This is where the laughs come from.

Luckily, the Resident Advisor at her dorm, Marc Blucas (Riley Finn - Buffy the Vampire Slayer) understands her situation, helps her evade the secret service and the media, and allows her to have a semblance of a normal college life.

Things are not quite as they seem however, including her parents who say they want their daughter to enjoy her college years yet are highly overprotective and have no qualms having her join the president's reelection campaign when his numbers start to slide.

Of course, this being an American movie, especially a movie for teens, all is well that sort of ends well. First Daughter is a fun little movie, enjoyable, very watchable, and sometimes, especially when you are flying on Air Canada, there's nothing wrong with that.

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