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Comedy Movies - Fubar


Paul Spence, David Lawrence, Gordon Skilling
Directed by Michael Dowse
Xenon Pictures 2002
80 minutes

Fubar is one weird movie, eh? This mockumentary, or so it would seem, about a couple of Calgary redneck headbangers is funny and pathetic at the same time. Watching this comedy of sorts that was an official selection at the Sundance Festival's Park City at Midnight (from where The Blair Witch project emerged for better or for worse) is both a trip and pretty much like watching a bad accident on the highway. The info on the DVD jacket is pretty accurate but doesn't mention the more serious side to Fubar

Paul Spence and David Lawrence play Dean Murdoch and Terry Cahill, two long-haired twenty-somethings who seem to have forgotten to grow up on their seventeenth birthday. They are both full of shit, they both live for the next beer, they both have delusions of grandeur, and they both like to get blasted out of their gourds and go around destroying city property and their own stuff.

Behind the really cool headbanger music by No Means No, The New Pornographers, Sum 41 and other Canadian heavy metal groups as well as background music by AC/DC there is an actual story in Fubar. One of the characters has cancer of the right nut and takes a long time to accept this and deal with it.

The guy who is supposedly making the movie is straight-laced and has a hard time dealing with a couple of totally irresponsible idiots like Dean and Terry. One of their friends, Tron or Troy, has happily joined the middle class, reined in as it were by his wife, but pines for the good old days.

In a very bizarre way, Fubar (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) is really an existential comedy about the meaning of life. No, really, it is. There is a hell of a scene where Dean confronts God about the meaning of life and how unfair he is.

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