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Comedy Movies - The Garbage Pail Kids Movie


The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Mackenzie Austin, Katie Barberi, Valerie Vomit, Windy Winston
MGM Home Video
97 minutes

The tag line for this comedy for the tween set is "It doesn't get any grosser than this". Well, considering The Garbage Pail Kids Movie was originally released in 1987, it probably does get grosser but the humor in this sometimes funny movie will definitely please tweens with a story obviously written for them.

The story line is simple, easy to follow, and features all the standard elements of a movie for kids. Dodger, a 14 year old kid is in love with an older girl, Tangerine (Katie Barberi the only cast member who managed a successful career after this flick as a star of telenovelas), who makes clothes and hangs around a bunch of hoods who like beating up on Dodger. The kids also work at an antique store where the garbage pail kids are trapped in, you guessed it, a garbage pail, until they are accidentally released.

The pail kids come to Dodger's help in fighting the bullies and conquering Tangerine's heart all the while causing mayhem everywhere they go. Being a fun movie for kids, there is more scatological humour and fart jokes, courtesy of a character called Windy Winston, than in your average Eddie Murphy turkey.

Still, there is something here and there for the parents who will be watching this along with their kid. One scene in the sewer features pipes that lead to prime time TV, the CIA, and the IRS. When the pail kids are captured and sent to the state home for the ugly, other inmates are Santa Claus (too fat) Ghandi (too skinny) an old guy (too old) and a nerd (too geeky).

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie never pretends to be anything but a quick buck making venture to reap the profits from the Topps Chewing Gum Company who released the hit collector cards a few years after Wacky Stickers and other money spending inducements for kids. For what it is, this movie is of moderate interest and works a lot better than others of this dubious genre.

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