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Comedy Movies - Hanging Up


Hanging Up
Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton,
Lisa Kudrow, Walter Matthau
Columbia Pictures

Hanging Up is a funny movie gone bad. Now, how could a movie with Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, Lisa Kudrow and the great Walter Matthau go wrong? Very simple, every actor in Hanging Up mails in a sub par performance at playing themselves playing a role in a comedy movie. Even Walter Matthau can't resist giving an impression of Walter Matthau straight out of Saturday Night Live.

Perhaps the blame for this flop of a comedy movie lies in the hands of the writers. Delia Ephron (yes, very famous, eh?) and Norah Ephron (who wrote the clone of Sleeping in Seattle titled You've Got Mail) wrote this tedious, hard to follow story. Perhaps part of the blame lies in the hands of Director and star Diane Keaton. In the insert to this DVD they mention there were no rehearsals and instead just casual read-through.

Well, Hanging Up plays exactly like the characters are reading through their lines. To think that other great comic actors like Alan Arkin and Cloris Leachman participated in this bad comedy movie is even scarier.

For those who care, Hanging Up is the story of three very busy sisters, Meg Ryan, Diane Keaton, and Lisa Kudrow (whose extraordinary acting talents we had to suffer on Friends R.I.P) who have a problem with their father, Walter Matthau who has to be moved into an old folks' home. They are really to busy to deal with it but the Lisa Kudrow character (and that is stretching that term in this movie) is put in charge of solving the problem.

There are a whole lot of issues from the past surfacing and this is a Hollywood movie so all's well that ends well (the great thing about the ending of this movie is you know there will not be any more of it.).

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