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Comedy Movies - The Heavenly Kid aka Teen Angel


The Heavenly Kid aka Teen Angel
Lewis Smith, Jason Gedrick, Richard Mulligan
Orion Pictures 1985
MGM 2005
91 minutes
Brief nudity: one bare bottom

Thou shalt be cool! is the tag on The Heavenly Kid (aka Teen Angel), a nice little comedy that is a fun watch and eminently forgettable. Jason Gedrick (Boomtown) plays Lenny, your stereotypical nice guy being bullied by the cretins at his high school and with a crush on the unavailable Sharon. Lewis Smith (Wyatt Earp) plays sort of guardian angel Bobby Fontana, a sort of John Travolta in Grease and Fonzie from Happy Days cool dude and the heavenly kid whose mission if he is to make it into heaven is to make Lenny cool or something like that.

Richard Mulligan plays Rafferty, Bobby's supervisor and he basically steals every scene away from Lewis Smith who is fairly generic in his interpretation of the rocker guy. Then again, every character in The Heavenly Kid is generic, including Melissa, Lenny's friend who, of course, is in love with him. What makes this comedy interesting is the imagination behind it and the writing. There are many original and funny scenes.

The concept of the afterlife as Uptown, Midtown (limbo), and Downtown is neat. The idea that Bobby has to spend some twenty years riding the Midtown subway (where there is already a Viking and a War of Secession soldier hanging around) until "the man upstairs" can find him an assignment is interesting. The many magic tricks Bobby can't perform or can perform are also decent and a good example of what you can do in a low budget movie.

There is a nice touch of humour in this comedy that makes it fun to watch. Of course, Lenny (Jason Gedrick) tries his best to learn the how to be cool lessons Bobby teaches him but once a spazz, always a spazz for a while. The Heavenly Kid is also a bit about Bobby's adaptation to a new world such as when he goes into what was his favorite hangout only to discover it is now a gay leather bar. Another lesson Lenny and Bobby learn is that smoking is no longer a badge of cool. These make for some funny moments and keep you interested. 

The Heavenly Kid does have a few fun twists that would be spoilers if revealed and a neat little ending. Again, this is a fun little movie.

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