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Comedy Movies - Hitch


Will Smith, Kevin James, Eva Mendes, Adam Arkin
Directed by Andy Tennant
Columbia Tristar Home Video 2005
120 minutes

Hitch is a chick flick for guys. Will Smith is his usual charming funny self as matchmaker extraordinaire who sets up Albert, played by Kevin James (King of Queens), with the woman of his dreams who happens to be a celebrity. While dispensing his romantic advice on how to woo that special lady, this is the for guys part of the movie, he falls in love with a romantically jaded gossip columnist played by Eva Mendes.

As in any other romantic comedy, and this is not any great revelation of how the movie ends all is well that ends well for everybody involved. This is a charming little movie that could have been cut by about 15 or so minutes to really tighten the somewhat loose plot and not bash you over the head with some of the points it makes -then again, romantic movies do tend to drive the point home with a brakeless pimped-up semi.

There are the usual goofy moments during the boy meets girl scenes and the moment where both Smith and Mendes reveal why they are so romantically challenged themselves, but the best scene is near the end of the movie when Hitch crashes a speed dating evening to talk to the woman of his dreams.

Unfortunately, and this is the problem with chick flicks in general, Hitch is too in love to actually dump the Mendes character when she does the kind of things no woman would ever accept from a man.

The one cool thing about the movie is the number of racially mixed couples around these people's lives and this is never commented upon and accepted as a fact of life.

If you are a man, do not rent this to impress your girl: she will either want you to or suspect you use the useful but impracticable advice Hitch gives.

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