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Comedy Movies - The Honeymooners


The Honeymooners Movie
Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, Regina Hall, Gabrielle Union
Directed by John Schultz
Paramount Home Video Thanksgiving 2005
89 long minutes

If there is a funny scene anywhere in The Honeymooners is was probably left on the cutting room floor and Paramount is waiting a few years to show it to us when it will release the special deluxe golden magic collector's ultra bonus edition DVD of this absolute disaster of a comedy. It is painful to watch a solid comic actor like Cedric The Entertainer make himself say all the stupid lines he has to say. It is even more painful to watch the rest of the cast, Mike Epps as Ed Norton, Regina Hall, and Gabrielle Union say their lines in the hope the movie will soon end.

For some reason, The Honeymooners begins with a flashback before jumping to 2005. You wish you could jump to the end of this movie just as quickly. The Honeymooners simply has no life to it. This is hard to believe when characters like Ralph Kramden (created by the great Jackie Gleason), Ed Norton (Art Carney), Alice and Trixie are so well established and had such energy in the original series.

The problem to The Honeymooners is simply there is no story. Ralph's get rich quick schemes already number 3 or 4 before you are a third through the movie and it seems the writers ran out of ideas so they decided to throw this dog a greyhound as a last bid for some idea to make this movie around.

The plotline of Alice and Trixie wanting only 20,000 dollars to make a down payment on a New York duplex (yeah, right!) and not having the money because of Ralph's failed schemes is not even remotely rescued by the fact they are fighting a bad real estate tycoon to buy the duplex (why the little old lady who owns the duplex gives the girls two weeks, why she doesn't know the tycoon needs her duplex to own the block and doesn't consequently jack her price up, why the real estate guy tells Alice and Trixie his plans are all implausible plot holes you do not even want to think about).

The Honeymooners came out just after Thanksgiving. Even as a turkey, it was stale.

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