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Comedy Movies - I'll Take Sweden

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I'll Take Sweden
Bob Hope, Tuesday Weld, Frankie Avalon, Dina Merrill
Universal 1965
MGM Home Entertainment 2005
97 minutes

Considering the last ten years in movies have seen a lot of remakes, it would not be surprising if someone dug up this old chestnut and remade it. I'll Take Sweden is a screwball comedy of sorts with Bob Hope a tad wee bit out of his element and writing that hasn't fared well time wise.

Nevertheless, this is still a fun little movie. Bob Hope plays the father of Tuesday Weld and he decides to go to Sweden to get her away from her boyfriend played by Frankie Avalon. Once in Sweden, Hope falls in love with Dina Merrill (Caddyshack II, The Courtship of Eddie's Father) while wolf in Swede's clothing Jeremy Slate puts the moves on Hope's daughter.

The last fifteen minutes of this movie are particularly good as Hope goes from hotel room to hotel room trying to rescue his daughter from her Swedish suitor. All is well that ends well, and both Hope and Frankie Avalon get married to the woman of their dreams.

This movie is a little weird considering all the Swedish roles are played by American actors and they all seem to talk like they were related to the Swedish chef on the Muppett Show. It is also not hard to read the lines and see I'll Take Sweden as a moral cautionary tale about the evils of free love and so on (just replace all the Swedish references with hippie peace and love references) but, of course, Tuesday Weld manages to keep her virtue long enough to get married.

The dialogue has not aged well, with that weird supposedly, like, real cool hip fake Hollywood sixties trying to please the teenage market language. It also features these immortal lines from one of Avalon's ditties:
I'll take Sweden ya ya ya
I'll never get too bored
On smorgasbord.

Still, there are a few good lines such as Erik the Swede saying "But I do not have an ear for music!" just before Avalon clobbers him with a guitar.

I'll Take Sweden is your basic sixties comedy. A genre in itself some would say.

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