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Comedy Movies - Jingle All The Way

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Jingle All The Way
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Hartman, Sinbad
Directed by Brian Levant
Chris Columbus, Producer

Jingle All The Way is a good movie for the adult Christmas Grinch and something kids might or might not enjoy. No sugar coating in this Christmas comedy featuring Ahnold as a father determined to get the elusive popular toy of the year and Sinbad as a crazed postman in competition for said toy.

Any adult who has ever lined up for a Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, or whatever "happens to be rare by accident" Xmas must-have toy will definitely enjoy this somewhat dark take on the holidays. At a short 88 minutes, Jingle All The Way does not overstay its welcome and features great performances by comics such as Martin Mull, Harvey Korman, and Laraine Newman (of Saturday Night Live fame)

The toy of the year in Jingle All The Way is something called Turbo Men and Schwarzenegger and Sinbad get into a very scary competition to get a Turbo Men for their offspring. There is a secondary plot involving Phil Hartman trying to stoke Rita Wilson's chimney (she plays Ahnold's wife) that makes Jingle All The Way a bit of a stretch as a great Christmas movie for kids.

The total destruction of the shopping mall at the end of the movie however will please those who have been forced to start their Christmas shopping around Groundhog's Day and those who have heard The Little Drummer Boy (Oh, I hate that song, won't you please shut up, you please shut up, you please shut up) one too many times -once is too many, really.

Jingle All The Way is a classic Christmas movie for curmudgeons but too kid-oriented for adults and too adult themed for kids to really enjoy.

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