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Comedy Movies - King's Ransom

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King's Ransom
Anthony Anderson,
Actors who should fire their agent
New Line Home Entertainment
98 painful minutes

King's Ransom is what you would have to pay me to watch this garbage again. To add to the injury, I had to go through four rental copies of this comedy and still did not find one where the picture did not freeze from time to time so by the third copy of this thing someone put in the comedy section I got the feeling the comedic gods were trying to tell me something.

Still, I valiantly plowed on, inflicting myself the kind of damage only long and expensive sessions of therapy will perhaps be able to heal in the hope I will be able to warn the others. If there is one good thing about Alzheimer's disease, aside from the fact you always meet new people, it is that one day I will perhaps forget I watched this vile piece of crap.

King (Anthony Anderson) is a rich Black executive and an asshole. It takes the director some twenty minutes to make this abundantly clear to the poor audience watching this dreck while it would have been simpler just to let Anderson speak for a minute and we would have figured that out.

Blah, blah, blah, a whole bunch of people end up wanting to kidnap King: his wife, himself, a former employee and a white reject from the trailer park school of idiots. Blah blah blah nothing you have not seen in other comedies about kidnapping including someone kidnapping the wrong person.

Granted, there are two and only two funny bits in this -geez I've run out of insults. The kidnapping scene is almost comedic and the scene where Malcolm King explains his plan using one of those flip the pages cartoon books is original.

Loretta Devine is the only saving grace in this fetid -hey, found a new one!-waste of perfectly good plastic.

The Dvd includes 21 deleted scenes running some 34 minutes. Perhaps another flaw in the copies I rented is that someone inversed the menu items to the 21 scenes are the actual movie and the 98 minutes are the deleted stuff?

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