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Comedy Movies - A Knight's Tale

BUY A Knight's Tale
Heath Ledger, Mark Addy
Directed by Brian Helgeland
Columbia/Tristar Studios
132 minutes

We will, we will rock you: A Knight's Tale does exactly that. From start to finish this is a rollicking story with a great script, great costumes, good acting, wonderful anachronisms and a charm all its own. Someone had a great deal of fun making this comedy and it shows in the production values, special effects and costuming.

William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) is a squire who seeks to change his destiny and pulls along his friends as unwilling but ultimately supportive coconspirators in his plot to turn himself into a knight. The necessity for a knight to have a fair maiden to pursue is played to perfection by Shannyn Sossamon Lady Jocelyn who puts you in mind of a young Demi Moore.

To enjoy this movie you have to get into the spirit of it. This is not a movie for those who are picayune about historical details or who are going to wonder aloud why everyone has such perfect teeth. None of that matters. When a movie starts out with a jousting scene scored by Queen with the audience singing the lyrics "We will rock you" and looking like a cross between medieval peasants and Chicago Bears fans you have to expect a different kind of movie experience.

The characters are well drawn and might even peak the curiosity of some who will want to know if there really ever was a Geoffrey Chaucer or a Sir Ulrich Von Lichenstein.

There may well have been financial motivation behind scoring a medieval tale with modern music - it certainly makes for a more saleable soundtrack - but the anachronisms are legion in this movie and they are part of the fun of it all. There is enough of a story, enough meat and tension and enough sincerely heroic and romantic moments that A Knight's Tale cannot fail to entertain.

This is a light, romantic adventure movie that has a lot of heart and a lot of charm. It has a permanent place in my DVD library and should do in yours.

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