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Comedy Movies - Life Without Dick

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Life Without Dick
Sarah Jessica Parker, Harry Connick jr., Craig Ferguson
Directed by Bix Skahill
Columbia / Tristar Home Video 2001
97 minutes

Sex In The City star Sarah Jessica Parker is the lead in this fun little comedy mystery that is an easy watch but definitely not a classic. Life Without Dick also stars singing heartthrob Harry Connick jr (Daniel) as a squeamish hitman and wannabe singer who is working for the Irish mob. The third main character in this movie is Dick, a dick and private dick (get it?) that Colleen (Parker) accidentally kills when he tells her he is leaving on a jet plane with another woman.

Connick comes into contact with Colleen because he had a contract on Dick and, after he falls in love with her, discovers the job has already been taken care of and he helps dispose of the body. This is a hit and miss somewhat funny movie with a lot of running gags like the Irish mobsters always having defend the fact they are not the Mafia but the Irish mob.

Another repeated source of laughter is how everybody wants Daniel to sing and how he always refuses because he was traumatized when his former girlfriend laughed at his rendition of Danny Boy.

The story also includes a series of flashbacks involving Dick and two deadpan FBI agents sitting in a stripper's bar. Craig Ferguson (the boss in The Drew Carey Show) is the head of the Irish mob and stand-up comic David Cross has a cameo as one of the bad guys.

Although as a comedy, or a funny mystery, this movie does not quite work it is as the same time charming in a weird way. Funny bits like Danny's next hit being drug dealers named Tudor, Windsor, and Stuart --the family names of the British royal family-and Colleen becoming the hitwoman because she has a real talent for it will keep you watching and interested.

Life Without Dick is a fun and forgettable comedy. A good second rental

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