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Comedy Movies - Matt Helm - The Silencers


Matt Helm The Silencers
Dean Martin, Stella Stevens, Victor Buono, Daliah Lavi
Directed by Phil Karlson
Columbia Pictures 1966
Part of The Matt Helm Lounge Box Set
4 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2005
102 minutes

Part of the four Matt Helm spy comedies included in the Matt Helm Lounge box set, The Silencers is a great comedy disguised as a spy thriller. Based, and it has to be loosely, on novels by Donald Hamilton, this funny movie featuring crooner Dean Martin as ICE agent Matt Helm respect every rule of the spy thriller a la James Bond: an evil guy who wants to rule the world, beautiful women who want nothing more than the hero in bed, and a suave and debonair good guy spy who handles the ladies as well as repartee.

Dean Martin is great as Matt Helm and is excellent at being a straight man for everybody else's comic moments. The real star of this movie is Stella Stevens as Gail Hendrix, aka Bloody Mary (because she spills a bloody Mary on Helm's crotch). She is excellent as the klutzy and ditzy redhead who gets caught up in the spy business. Stevens has a great bit of physical comedy when her character gets caught in a storm while trying to escape Helm's bedroom on wheels.

The screenplay for The Silencers was written by Oscar Saul and is full of witty asides, comic moments, and a few running gags. The best of these involves Stella Stevens and a very special revolver, Matt Helm's circular bed that slowly moves towards a pool-sized bubble bath and the other playboy paraphernalia that populate his life would make Q of the James Bond movies jealous.

The musical background for this comic Matt Helm spy movie includes many songs by Dean Martin. Especially funny is the opening scene where Helm is dreaming of beautiful women to a Martin song.

Matt Helm in The Silencers is a very good comedy and spy movie.

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