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Comedy Movies - A Mighty Wind


A Mighty Wind
Bob Balaban, Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy,
Catherine O'Hara, Parker Posey, Fred Willard, Harry Shearer
Warner Brothers
92 Minutes

A Mighty Wind went in and out of the theatres in 2003 but still managed to garner an Academy Award nomination for best song. It is a shame this funny comedy did not last long in theatres because it deserved a much better fate. People who regularly tune in PBS during pledge night, pledge week, pledge month, or pledge year are very familiar with groups like Peter, Paul, and Mary and all the other hippy, peace and love, way over the hill folk groups of the sixties. A Mighty Wind is a very funny on groups like Peter, Paul and Mary or singers like Joan Baez.

The premise of A Mighty Wind is one of the great managers of the sixties has died and all the artists he managed decide to get together to do a benefit in his memory. Eugene Levy and Christopher Guest wrote this movie and there is not a single moment that is wrong. It is a perfect pastiche and skewering of the sixties folkies. Pay particular attention to the lyrics of the songs the various fake folk groups and singers sing, the lyrics are very funny and quite a Mad Magazine take off on stuff like Puff the Magic Dragon.

A Mighty Wind plays like a documentary, sort of a Spinal Tap of the folk world, and the interviews with the so-called stars of the sixties are very very funny. Some overly sensitive peace and love baby boomers might find the movie mean and understandably so, but to those of us who are disillusioned with the flower generation gone SUV generation, this movie is very accurate in lambasting all the folkie groups very tongue and cheek.

The DVD of A Mighty Wind is full of extras and deleted scenes and all these extras and so on are as funny and worth watching as the movie itself.

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