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Comedy Movies - Miss Congeniality

BUY Miss Congeniality (dvd cover)
Sandra Bullock, Benjamin Bratt,
Candice Bergen, William Shatner, Michael Caine
Warner Home Video
2000 / 2004
110 minutes

Sandra Bullock is the star and producer of Miss Congeniality (yet another movie where she fell in love with her co-star, got engaged, and then dumped him) and this allows her to play to her strengths. This comedy DVD is a pleasant little movie that most viewers will enjoy.

This is not rocket science (although one of the in-jokes in this movie is the winner of the beauty pageant is a nuclear scientist) movie making but it is highly enjoyable and the digs and tips of the hat to beauty pageants are an interesting running gag.

Miss Congeniality is not particularly original in its premise. Anyone familiar with Pygmalion and the My Fair Lady school of movie making will instantly recognize the premise of an ugly duckling who is made beautiful by an older man, in this case the great Michael Caine in the role of successful pageant consultant.

The plot is basic. FBI agent Bullock has to stop some nefarious criminal mind from striking during the Miss United States pageant and goes undercover as a beauty pageant contestant with the assistance of the pageant organizer played by Candice Bergen.

The comedy in this movie is both in the slapstick events around Bullock falling off her high heels and beating up some guys and in the dialogue and references (such as Miss Texas not even finishing 1st runner up and Miss New York outing herself during the final five). Granted, this is light fare but if you pay close attention you will get a bit more out of this movie than out of most light and fluffy comedies.

Extras include a couple of behind the scenes, a running commentary by the director and a running commentary by Bullock and the writer. This is the usual so-called special features segment of a Dvd and these special features are as memorable as ... I forget.

Miss Congeniality, the Deluxe Edition, is the same thing except you get 2 tickets to Miss Congeniality: Armed and Dangerous (the follow-up movie everyone has been waiting for since, well, a minute ago), additional scenes (i.e. sweepings off the cutting room floor), a preview of Armed and Dangerous (i.e. the trailer) and a segment with William Shatner on having what it takes to be a beauty queen. Odds are, save your money if you already have the original versio

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