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Comedy Movies - Miss Congeniality 2

BUY Miss Congeniality 2 (dvd cover)
Sandra Bullock, Regina King, William Shatner
Directed by Josh Pasquin
Warner Home Video
115 minutes

Second time outs for movies are often a bummer. No doubt because the studio insists on not taking a single risk so you get the most formulaic result possible. This is definitely the case with Miss Congeniality 2. This is a use a blunt crayon and connect the numbered dots (with neon arrows pointing to the numbers) comedy DVD.

Seriously, if you can't figure out what is going to happen a nanosecond after a plot element or character development is glaringly brought up, you definitely have not seen a single, not a one, Hollywood movie. There's even a scene where some schoolgirl asks the Sandra Bullock character to go to her school to help her with a book report and make her a little bit popular. I haven't seen the entire movie yet but I know this is going to happen at the end of the movie somewhere.

At little less than two hours but feels like much more this could have been comic movie is some 20 minutes too long. There are too many secondary plot twists, including one involving the Elizabeth Rohm (of Law and Order fame) character having an affair with the Vegas FBI director, a couple of fights too many between Bullock and King, two or three trips to the Las Vegas airport where one agent is supposed to put Gracie Hart and agent Fuller on a plane back to New York, a fill in the character traits and explain the bad childhood bit for agent Fuller, a scene with a musical number of sorts in a drag queen contest, and so on.

Some of the writing, aside from plot elements, is pretty decent and there are a few funny lines and humorous zingers here and there, including one from a bad guy saying he heard Shatner sing and should shoot him right now.

Weirdly enough, once you rent this thing you still want to see how it ends. This is probably why Bullock gets the big bucks.

Extra features are very skimpy here, probably because Warner is waiting to re-release this as a special gold limited platinum extra bonus magic one of a kind edition, and only include something called deleted scenes. Didn't know they had deleted anything

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