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Comedy Movies - Monster In Law

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Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Wanda Sykes
Directed by Robert Luketic
Warner Home Video 2005
101 minutes

Not being a Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo, Jell-O, whatever) fan by far, I can't believe I actually felt like sitting through this after seeing her on screen for five minutes but Monster-In-Law, starring Janet Fonda ("Hanoi Jane", Barbarella, Coming Home and a kazillion liberal causes) and Lopez ,with quite a few funny scenes featuring Wanda Sykes, is a cute little comedy that is definitely watchable. This is a girl meets boy and then girl meets boy's mother and all hell breaks loose movie.

Jane Fonda is having a great time playing just been replaced by someone younger morning show star Viola Fields who sole purpose in life is her son and getting rid of his newest girlfriend Charlie -guess she saw Gigli.

There are many very funny moments in this movie, including the scene where Viola asks a Jessica Simpson / Britney Spears wanna be popstar what she thinks of Roe versus Wade, the singer answers "Oh! I don't support boxing as a sport."

Flash forward a few months when Viola is let out of the hoo-hoo hotel for assaulting said popstar only to find out her baby boy has a new girlfriend and she is moving in. Charlie meets Viola, Charlie's boyfriend -whatever his name is, he is so insignificant in this movie- proposes to her, and Viola decides to get rid of Charlie.

This includes having an anxiety attack and moving in with Charlie and the guy so Charlie can take care of her. Of course, you've figured out by now the Lopez character is a match for Viola so it's just a question of who can outwit who in a battle of dueling bitches and watching Wanda Sykes almost steal the movie in the background.

The movie does have its flaws. There are a lot of aerial shots of a car traveling to some kind of insipid song that is of course on the movie soundtrack available in stores.

There are duck out of its water moments that get tiresome after a while. But, hey, it's watchable and that's a lot more than can be said about many of this year's movies.

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