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Comedy Movies - My Favorite Year

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My Favorite Year
Peter O'Toole, Mark Linn-Baker
Written by Mel Brooks
Warner Home Video

Sir Donald Wolfit opined on his death bed "Dying is easy, comedy is hard." Peter O'Toole and Mark Linn-Baker make comedy look easy in My Favorite Year one of the finest comedies to ever hit the silver screen. As the charming, womanizing drunkard Alan Swann, O'Toole delivers a bravura performance which is alternately hilarious and bitter sweet.

The story is simple. An actor past his prime as a swashbuckling adventure hero is to appear on a television show (a thinly veiled tip of the hat to the Show of Shows). Alan Swann doesn't have a problem with this until he discovers that the show is live. His fear of a live audience drives him to abandon his commitment to participate in the show. While being a loveable lush, Swann is still a lush which is not a good situation for the shows producers who have put Benjy Stone (Mark Linn-Baker) in charge of trying to keep Swann sober and on set.

The entire movie is a loving memoir of sorts by Mel Brooks who worked on Sid Caesar's Show of Shows and had to deal with the irrepressible Errol Flynn in the twilight of his career. This movie is hands down one of the funniest movies ever made and well worth adding to your collection.

Denis Bernicky

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