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Comedy Movies - National Lampoon's Class Reunion

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National Lampoon's Class Reunion
Gerrit Graham, Fred McCarren, Stephen Furst
MGM Home Video
85 minutes

Aside from the classic Animal House and a couple of the Chevy Chase Vacation movies, the National Lampoon movie franchise has pretty much been happy making B movies aimed at teenage boys. National Lampoon's Class Reunion follows that mold.

A spoof of horror and class reunion movies, this comic film is about a madman's revenge after a prank was pulled on him 10 years ago. The students at Lizzie Borden High (the school motto is: A cut above the rest) are getting together in their now condemned high school.

The cast of characters includes the usual rich class president, the cheerleaders, the class babe, the class nerds and, of course the class stoners. Aside from Stephen Furst, who was in the great Belushi movie and Michael Lerner who always plays a doctor or psychologist, this is basically a cast of nobodies right out of central casting.

For what it is, the movie delivers. You get the various visual gags, a few naked breasts, some toilet humour, hanky-panky, and jokes about pot smoking guys in a collage of scenes held together by the thin plot line of a mad killer on the loose. There are no great laughs but a few smiles here and there.

Of course, this comedy on DVD is an attempt to skewer the empty mansion with a whole bunch of people in it while taking potshots at high school related movies. One of the class nerds becomes a hero, the class hero admits to his errors, and, aside from those who got killed during the evening, all is well that ends well. It is a movie of hits and misses.

Fun wise, this is a genre in itself and you either like that kind of facile and somewhat brainless comedy or you do not. Fans will like it though they probably will not love it and others, who probably have long given up on this franchise, will give it a pass. If you are a thirteen-year-old boy, however, you will probably think it is funny and that this is right up your alley

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