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Comedy Movies - The Pacifier

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Vin Diesel, Brittany Snow, Faith Ford
Walt Disney Home Video 2005
95 Minutes

The Pacifier, a big, tough, no nonsense kind of guy is suddenly thrust into a situation where he has to deal with children who are alternately infuriating and endearing. It sounds like the plot of countless different comedies over the years sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Fortunately for Vin Diesel (Pitch Black, The Fast and The Furious, XXX) this Disney movie fires on all cylinders.

Vin Diesel is Navy S.E.A.L. Shane Wolfe, whose latest mission goes south when the scientist he has rescued is killed before he can reveal to Wolfe where he's hidden GHOST. This movies starts out as an action/adventure movie to set the credentials for Shane Wolfe as a tough guy though given Vin Diesel's buffed look, shaved head and general no nonsense look those credentials aren't difficult to set.

Having failed to retrieve GHOST Lieutenant Wolfe is assigned to protect the Plummer family from the bad guys who are still in pursuit of GHOST while mother Plummer and a navy attaché fly off to Switzerland to access a Swiss safety security box which they hope will contain GHOST. The plot of the movie proceeds pretty much as you might expect with the tough Lieutenant Wolfe whipping the family into shape with his "My way - no highway option" approach to parenting. At the same time the kids have a softening effect on the tough as nails Wolfe. Despite the predictability there are enough variations in approach to the plot coupled with site gags and a couple of very good action sequences (very Disneyfied) to keep this movie fun and entertaining.

This movie is great family entertainment from start to finish with a little something for everyone. It is a lighthearted comedy that is true to the Disney mold and well worth watch. Vin Diesel shows more range in his role as Lieutenant Wolfe that he has had to show in any of his previous movies and has this reviewer convinced that he might actually have some serious acting chops

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