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Comedy Movies - Pray TV

BUY Pray TV (dvd cover)
Dabney Coleman, Dr. John, Marcia Wallace
Directed by Rick Friedberg
Orion Pictures 1980
MGM Home Entertainment 2005
86 minutes

Pray TV is a dark little comedy about religious broadcasting. It is as biting as it could be for its time (1980) when you keep in mind Pray TV was made before the various scandals that hit television preachers a few years later with the likes of Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart.

In a very Amazon Women On The Moon style, Pray TV is a series of comedy sketches and funny scenes tied in together with the idea all of this is taking place at television station KGOD after huckster Marvin Fleece, Dabney Coleman, changes the format of 300-watt KRUD out of San Poquito. The staff at family-run KRUD, featuring a newscaster and his ventriloquist's dummy weatherman, the children's show chef Marcia Wallace who does a cooking show in espagnol with mucho difficulty-o, the weird exercise show duo featuring a chain-smoking Paul Reubens, does its best to follow the new format while Fletcher, the son of the station owner has a budding romance with an intern.

The sketches in Pray TV are very funny and often very surreal. One of the taglines for this movie is "If you do no have a sense of humor, you do not have a prayer" and this is quite true. The auditions for the new KGOD format are hilarious and include a torch singer who sings about getting on her knees for the big one while the programming includes a soap opera titled One Life To Lose about Mary trying to hide the identity of her son's father from Joseph. Particularly successful is the PTP Club which is a great spoof of Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show.

Pray TV is a fun little movie. The ending will annoy many but otherwise it is definitely worth watching.

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