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Articles - Gifts for Geeks

Who does not know and love a geek? We all have a geek in our lives. You know, the person, usually a guy, you call when your computer crashes, there is something on Star Trek you did not understand, or there is a factoid you can't really remember. You love that geek and you want to show you care. But what do you get a geek as a funny Christmas gift or as a gag birthday gift. Geeks are hard to buy for because few of us have the geek mindset and we know that if we get a geek a computer program or a computer game the response will be, "Oh, how very nice. It's great, that's why I bought it last year." So you want to impress your loveable, dependable geek with the perfect Christmas gag gift or the ideal funny birthday present. Here are a few suggestions that will impress your geek so much his (her) glasses will steam up and the scotch tape holding them together will melt.

If you think geek think t-shirt. Geeks love funny t-shirts. Male geeks love gag t-shirts, female geeks love funny t-shirts. There are a whole lot of geek t-shirts out there, from "Practice Safe Hex" -I know you do not get it but a geek will laugh out loud and wear that gag t-shirt with pride-to the ever famous but hard to find "You Are Here" Hitchhiker's Guide related t-shirt. There are math related funny t-shirts and many funny computer t-shirts.

Geek tools are also a great gift. We are not talking here about chainsaws and skill saws but real geek tools like miniature screwdrivers, lights, and vacuums your favorite geek can use when he or she repairs your computer. Another great funny gift for a geek is the Swiss Army USB kit (he or she will know what that is). Anything that is a computer-fixing tool will be loved by your geek.

Geeks are also big kids at heart and love anything that flashes bright lights and make funny noises. A great gag gift is a robot, yes a robot like those you saw him play with when he was a kid. They have lots of cool lights and make a lot of funny noises. There are also electronic and video games but when you are thinking of a gag gift for a geek or a funny gift for a geek, you have to think old, really old, like the reissues of the amiga computer games, the portable versions. I, myself, do not get this, but a geek will love you for it. Old computer games were big on flashing lights and funny noises.
Geeks are different from normal people (well, duh!). The trend these days is to pimp your ride. The geek is into pimping a computer. Pimping a computer means adding a whole bunch of funny lights to it, a special computer case, and a whole bunch of weird but cool looking stuff to the box. There are quite a few great gag gifts out there that are perfect for a geek who wants to pimp his ‘puter.

Don't forget, the ideal gag gift and funny gift for a geek will be something electronic, computer related, and will have lots of flashing lights and funny noises. Unless it's a funny t-shirt or a gag t-shirt, but you can bet some geeks will even go as far as pimping their t-shirt.

Richard Lanoie

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