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Comedy Movies - Quick Change

BUY Quick Change (dvd cover)
Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid,
Jason Robards, Tony Shalhoub, Phil Hartman
Directed by Harold Franklin and Bill Murray
Originally released 1990
Warner Brothers 2006
88 minutes

Quick Change is one of those comedies you run into sometimes on TV and keep watching just because it immediately gets your attention and makes you laugh. One of Bill Murray's lesser-known comedies, Quick Change is an excellent comedy DVD with a stellar crew. There is not a single slow moment in this really humorous movie about a bank robbery escape gone wrong.

Some clown, literally, robs a bank. He makes his demands and lets a couple of hostages go as a show of good will to Detective Rotzinger (Jason Robards). Somehow, the bank robber manages to escape and join up with his associates so they can catch a plane to Martinique. This is where the movie gets even funnier. Bill Murray, Geena Davis, and Randy Quaid have to somehow make it to the airport on time but everything and every one in New York City is conspiring to make that particular part of the plan derail.

Tony Shalhoub, of Monk fame, is brilliant as a gibberish-speaking cab driver who, at first tries to get the gang to the airport and then tries to tell cops the bad guys are escaping. Throw in an anal bus driver, a scene where Murray steals money from the mob, various assorted New York City citizens (aka whack jobs), Phil Hartman in a cameo as a new tenant in Davis' apartment, a mafia crime boss trying to get our of the country, and you have the makings of an excellent comedy DVD.

For those who want to do a PhD thesis on Quick Change, the title refers to the many change of plans the trio has to do to make their escape as well as a comment by both the clown and the detective on how New York City is changing for the worst.

Bill Murray's comedic timing is dead on in Quick Change, the writing is superb, and every single scene has a few laughs in it. Warner Brothers tags this movie Clown Day Afternoon. They could also have tagged it Escape From New York.

Unfortunately, there are no extras aside from the movie trailer on Quick Change. Fortunately, the viewer is not force-fed previews and other commercials before the main menu appears. The transfer to DVD is also excellent.

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