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Comedy Movies - Santa vs. The Snowman

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UMVD Studios
32 minutes

Santa Vs The Snowman is a brilliant and funny story about a snowman who, because of a misunderstanding, decides to take over Christmas so he can get the love Santa gets from the kids. Reminiscent of claymation animations of my youth and Jimmy Neutron, Santa Vs The Snowman has a funny gag for everybody. The kids will love this simple story, available on the dvd in both standard and 3D format, adults will love the funny jokes and references only an adult will understand (like when Santa's computer crashes he says "Looks like little William Gates just waltzed himself on the naughty list.")

There are also funny jokes referring to Star Wars, Toy Story, and other classic movies. What is neat about this dvd is you can watch it in both standard version and 3D Imax version (the cheap 3D glasses are included with the dvd and there are enough for a standard family). The standard version of Santa Vs The Snowman is better only because of the magnificent colors the animators used. The 3D version is a little too green and blue but the 3D effects really work, especially the falling snowflakes, and are not just cheesy 3D effects like in some scary movies.

There are a lot of very funny jokes and very funny gags in Santa Vs The Snowman such as the Snowman using a recipe for "Minions Made Easy" -don't we all wish we could do that sometimes? Another very funny joke, that adults will get, is when Santa asks himself "I Wonder if cookies have a lot of carbs?" Other funny gags come in the very mild and not very violent at all battle scene between the minions and the elves. The snowmen use snowballs, of course, and the elves use hot cocoa shooters. There is a very funny gag with gingerbread men defeating snowmen by hugging them and melting them and snowmen defeating gingerbread men by eating them.

Of course, Santa Vs The Snowman has a "blooper reel" at the end of this very funny movie. The bonus features on this dvd are nothing to write home about: a very minor shoot the snowmen on-screen game, a disappointing snow
globe maker, and, perhaps best, a list of simple recipes for Christmas treats.
Overall, Santa Vs The Snowman is a very funny little movie, the kind your kid will probably want to watch a few times over and over again so be careful with those cheap 3D glasses.

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