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Comedy Movies - Scooby Doo

There is no way to sugar coat this abomination of a storyline and the fetid mind from which is must have emerged. Funny is definitely lacking in this "comedy". The woefully undertalented Freddy Prinze Jr. as Fred Jones, the normally competent Sarah Michelle Geller miscast as Daphne Blake, Linda Cardellini as a passable Velma Dinkley makes the standout performance of Matthew Lillard as Shaggy Rogers the only real thing that makes Scooby Doo the movie worth the rental fee.

Lillard is the one shining spot in this travesty of celluloid and marketing hype. He shows remarkable talent and ability in the face of a vacuous script, shoddy direction, laughable CGI. This isn't even a rainy day movie for kids. At some point they will want to see it, but see if you can steer them to something more entertaining like going for a walk to buy socks at the mall

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