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Comedy Movies - Sex And The Teenage Mind

BUY Sex And The Teenage Mind (dvd cover)
Danica McKellar, Richard Karn, Jay Michael Ferguson
Written and directed by Donald L Gold
MGM Home Video 2005
90 Minutes

Sex And The Teenage Mind is your basic T & A lowbrow National Lampoon (the very lame ones at that) style hormonal comedy. It is your basic paint by numbers high school nerd and his geek friend trying to get lucky, getting ignored by the pretty people and so on kind of movie.

Everything is telegraphed with a loudspeaker in Sex And The Teenage Mind. Of course, the captain of the high school football team is dating the cutest girl, of course he is a scumbag who treats her like trash, and of course he walks around with a football all the time. The plot itself is very secondary to the director's real intent which is to get as many sex jokes and fart sequences as possible into a comedy while setting up as many chances to show as many cute female students in skimpy outfits as possible.

The basic story behind this raunchy comedy is that nerd and virgin Virgil (Jay Michael Ferguson) takes the blame when class babe Kellie (Allison Lange) is caught cheating. This compels Kellie to do something nice in return so she decides to help Virgil lose his cherry. Her best friend Debbie (the very talented Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years and totally wasted in this very generic and secondary role) is, of course, against this plan as it disturbs the social order of things. Like any good nerd, Virgil's best friend is your beyond stereotypical fat hopeless slob and his job is to get Virgil in trouble, be the butt of many fat jokes, and living vicariously through his friend's good luck.

This movie has every ingredient of the stupid comedy including a vomit scene, the granny that says whatever is on her mind, and jokes about masturbation.

Do not try to hard to follow the semblance of plot in this sex comedy. It is just bad titillation fluff and the titillation is in a couple of short scenes in the extra features

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