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Comedy Movies - Shaun Of The Dead

Romantic comedy meets horror movie in this surprise hit of the fall 2004 movie season. Some movies are just guy movies to begin with - Shaun Of The Dead is a guy movie. Yes it is a romantic comedy - from a guys point of view - there isn't much romance and what there is of it is decidedly understated. The love story is there however and cannot be ignored. On the other hand it isn't lovey dovey dining and dancing BS romance it is I will save the girl who broke my heart from the zombies romance.

Unlike other zombie stories Shaun Of The Dead makes no effort at setting a premise for why zombies are occurring - it just starts and spreads. The beauty of this movie is that it never takes itself seriously. There is never a dull moment, nor is there ever a serious one which outlives its welcome. Simon Pegg is brilliantly cast as the hero - Shaun - and oblivious loser who has lost his girlfriend and shares his living arrangements with two other men one of whom is his best friend Ed who is also a small time drug dealer who is so incompetent he doesn't even have drugs to sell. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Shaun's other house mate Pete who is upwardly mobile and, neat and successful.

Trapped in a dead end job, in a dead end relationship on the outs with his parents and his girlfriend Shaun is the everyman thrown into an impossible situation - the dead are coming back to eat the living. If that weren't enough of a farce Shaun and Ed come up with the brilliant plan to rescue Shaun's family and his girlfriend and then go to the pub.

This is a smart, funny character driven script that deserves all the attention it garnered in 2004. If there were any justice in the way the academy of motion picture arts and sciences votes there would be a category for Romantic Zombie Movie. Definitely a worth a look.

Denis Bernicky

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