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TV & sitcom DVDs - Spider-Man The 67 Collection

BUY Spider-Man The 67 Collection (dvd box cover)
6 DVDs
52 Shows
Marvel / Buena Vista Home Entertainment 2004
1,444 minutes

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can ..." Ah, the fun we had watching this early animation while sitting in front of the TV (all 2 or 3 channels of it) and a nice big bowl of Cocoa-Puffs. This is back in the days where cartoons were funny cartoons and commercials were commercials and the twain did not meet. Spider-Man, The '67 Collection is one funny cartoon and fun time capsule that will take you back to your childhood instantly. All of the original 52 cartoons in the series are in this dvd box set and it is a great trip down memory lane.

A few people will look at the animation in Spider-Man and complain about it but looking at the so-called animation produced in Japan for all of the infomercial cartoons ( infotoons ? ) such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Cardcaptors shows that Spider-Man, The '67 Collection has nothing to be shamed of. This 6 dvd box set is a fun time in a box. Since it is the complete series, it is obvious that the cartoons from near the end of the series (all those adventures Spidey had underground where he would swing endlessly from stalagmite to stalactite) are there, but overall, Spider-Man was one funny cartoon and a good time guaranteed.

In terms of product, Spider-Man the '67 Collection does have a few flaws. There are no extras whatsoever, nada, zilch. The box set itself consists of a cardboard box and six dvd holders Scotch-taped, yes Scotch-taped together, not the kind of box set that will survive long except in the hands of a careful, loving fan. Still, the price is generally right, it is a funny cartoon and if you get a sugar rush watching it while eating Cocao Puffs, good therapy that brings you back to simpler times.

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