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Comedy Movies - Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock

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Hart Sharp Video
96 minutes

Ever try to convince your kids they can't live off McDonalds? Save your breath and sit them down in front of Morgan Spurlock's funny movie and documentary Super Size Me. Super Size Me is the funny story of independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock who goes on a funny at first but disastrous for his health 30-day all-McDonald's diet. You have to laugh at times at the effects this product has on his health and psyche but you will also cringe when you realize it probably does the same thing to you and your family.

A team of doctors follows Spurlock over the course of that month and charts the disastrous effects this all-McDonald's diet is having on him, making it even clearer for the viewer that this product is just not good for you. The extras on Super Size Me are also funny if a bit disgusting. One of Spurlock's assistants puts McDonald's product and real food from the corner restaurant in various sealed glass jars and we watch as the food rots away but the McDonald's fries stay nice and fresh looking even after 2 weeks. Part of the fun in this movie, and hence the title, is that part of Spurlock's endeavor is to accept it every time a McDonald's crony asks him if he wants to super size his order. Kudos must be given to his vegan girlfriend who managed not to split up with him over those thirty days. That is true love. Of course, Spurlock interviews dieticians and other food experts, of course the people behind the funny clown do not grant him an interview or any comment whatsoever. Surprised??

Super Size Me is a must-see. Many people are allergic to documentaries, they can be, after all, a bit pompous and self-serving, but Super Size Me belongs in the same class as the work by Michael Moore in that the humor serves to make you swallow the bitter pill. Super Size Me is funny and gross, interesting and off-putting, and a great comment on the sheep-like society we live in.

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