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Comedy Movies - Teen Witch

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Robyn Lively, Dan Gauthier, Dick Sargent
MGM Home Video
94 minutes
Teen Witch is a charming romantic comedy obviously aimed at teenage girls and it definitely hits its mark. It is not a profound or memorable movie but it certainly is enjoyable and the kind of funny little movie you'll enjoy watching again from time to time.

Louise Miller (Robyn Lively) is a mousy 15-year-old high school girl who, on a rainy night, discovers from a fortune teller that she will get magic powers on her 16th birthday. Of course, she does not believe the fortune teller (the very enjoyable Zelda Rubinstein of Poltergeist fame) but when she wishes her over-eager nerd date away and he vanishes she is convinced. Of course, the teenage witch has to learn to use her magic and that water will wash away whatever trick she has tried. This involves a very funny scene where she transforms her annoying little brother into a dog, decides to hide him in a conveniently placed bubble bath when her parents come home unexpectedly and he emerges as a boy again.

Louise first wants to use her powers to get Brad (the usual name of the hunk in movies) to fall in love with her but then decides to cast a spell to make her the most popular girl in school. Part of what really makes this movie works is that Louise has a brain so she questions her using magic powers to get what she wants. What really works is the many comedic bits that follow a spell she casts. The greatest is a scene involving her English teacher and her voodoo doll spell.

Teen Witch features, for some uncomprehensible reason except perhaps demographic studies, a couple of song and dance numbers but aside from those it is a fun little movie the whole family can enjoy and watch. It hits all the right notes, never missteps aside from the musical bits, willing suspension of disbelief is easily granted, and is nice light fare. Born Again Christians, who will not watch this movie anyways because it involves withcraft, will object to a passing reference to condoms and birth control pills.

Look for Marcia Wallace of The Bob Newhart Show as the drama teacher and Bewitched star Dick Sargent as the witch's father.

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