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Funny Books - The Darwin Awards Volume 1

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The Darwin Awards Volume 1
Wendy Northcutt
Plume Paperback
308 pages plus Index

Darwin was right. Unfortunately, some genetically flawed specimens of the human race are taking longer than others to submit to the rule of survival of the fittest. The Darwin Awards are given to those of the human species who have unwittingly (of course) hastened their natural de-selection. If you have ever wanted a funny book about stupid criminals, stupid pranks gone wrong, funny practical jokes gone awry, funny gags that gagged the perpetrator, The Darwin Awards is the perfect book for you. If you know someone who still earnestly believes that all human life is worth preserving, The Darwin Awards is the perfect antidote to those rose-colored glasses wearing individuals.

The Darwin Awards are given to perfectly sane (well, not diagnosed as having a mental handicap) individuals who through their endeavors have withdrawn themselves from the gene pool. This is a serious funny book. Wendy Northcutt does her research. Winners of the Darwin Awards (and, no, you cannot win a Darwin twice, for obvious reasons) are those individuals who have permanently withdrawn from the gene pool. There are also Honorable Mentions given to those who tried but failed even at this mundane yet important task (better luck next time!) and there is also a Urban Legend category for those events not verifiable. The Darwin Awards is one funny book, full of short funny stories, usually no more than a page, of dumb criminals and people who just did not think before doing something so stupid they paid the ultimate price --and, no, they don't get a refund. This is a fun read for those caught in an airport, on a train, bus, or any other method of public transportation because it give you the hope that the annoying idiot next to you and his brood might one day be the proud posthumous winners of a Darwin Award. The only flaw with this book of funny stories and funny anecdotes is there is no application form you can tear out and present to someone you know should be a contender.

There is already a Darwin Awards, Volume 2 available. Considering the human race's capacity to outdo itself in any situation, Darwin Awards could easily become an annual event. I would suggest the Darwin Awards be televised much like the Oscars or Emmys. It would make for the ultimate ratings blockbuster, a sort of America's Funniest Videos taken to their logical conclusion. It would also make for a very funny tv show and, best of all, we would not be bored to tears with speeches from the winners and the presentation of the accountants who tallied the totally stupid.

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