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Comedy Movies - Mr. Mom

BUY Mr. Mom Baby Boom set (cover)
Baby Boom / Mr. Mom 2 DVD Set
Michael Keaton, Terri Garr, Martin Mull
Ann Jillian, Jeffrey Tambor
Directed by Stan Dragoti
Written by John Hughes
Orion Pictures 1983
MGM / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2006
91 minutes

Mr. Mom starring Michael Keaton comes with Baby Boom starring Diane Keaton in what seems to be either a motherhood is a bitch or Keaton copes 2 comedy DVD set. Both of these DVDs are fun little comedies starring good comic actors.

Michael Keaton, who can be pretty uneven at times, is really good in Mr. Mom, an Aaron Spelling produced comedy that has a made for TV movie feel to it. Keaton plays Jack Butler, an automobile executive who ends up taking care of the kids full time when he gets laid off. His wife, the always funny Terri Garr, gets a job in an advertising company run by Martin Mull. Writer John Hughes (Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and a bunch of other great comedies) might use a bunch of cliché comedy set-ups here and there (such as the dad not knowing how to use a washing machine or the shopping cart with the wobbly wheel) but he has also managed to put together a pretty funny script his two comic leads can have fun with.

The mix between predictable comedy bit and original and funny gags is what makes this comedy DVD such great fun. Particularly funny in Mr. Mom is the poker scene with Keaton and the girls where they are playing for discount coupons and Ann Jillian as the hot to trot divorcee Jack fantasizes about (in a very funny over the top scene) while watching The Young and the Restless. Also funny is the use of the theme from Rocky as the soundtrack for the scene that shows Jack finally has this motherhood thing down. This is followed by a very funny moment where Michael Keaton explains the dangers of safety blanket abuse to his son.

Things get a little more serious and this comedy veers away from family friendly territory when the girls take Jack to a male stripper club, Ron (Martin Mull) tries to seduce Caroline, and Joan (Ann Jillian), the divorcee neighbor, tries to jump Jack's bones.

The ending feels a bit slapped on but Mr. Mom is a nice, lightweight comedy DVD that is quite enjoyable and generally very funny.

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